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Close up view of hand woven textile from Studio Naenna.
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In 1988 Patricia Cheesman was invited by Chiang Mai University to lecture in the Thai Art Department. She has over 20 years of research, of which eight years was in Lao P.D.R. She has lectured in Universities worldwide and has been an advisor to the weaving department at Thammasat University, Bangkok, the Crafts Council of Australia, the Bank of Thailand Textile Museum, The National Palace Museum in Taiwan and the Lao Women's Union.

Patricia has published numerous books and articles on Thai and Lao textiles (see books), some times under the pen name Patricia Naenna. She has contributed to many international exhibitions including “Indigo textiles-Laos, Japan, and Nigeria”, “Lanna Textiles- Yuen, Lue, Lao”, “Textiles and the Tai Experience in Southeast Asia” and “Textiles of Asia: A Common Heritage”.

Her relationship with the weavers throughout Thailand and Laos inspired her to bring them together and form the Weavers For the Environment (WFE) women's group which aims to improve the well being of weavers and the environment that surrounds them. For example, twenty young weavers in a small village in Chomtong District, Chiang Mai were trained to weave in silk rather than cotton. This was a lifetime opportunity for the weavers to improve their weaving skills and ability to earn a better income. Members of the WFE weave in their homes in many different provinces of Thailand. Studio Naenna is the only outlet for their wonderful textiles.

A sample of some of the fine products from Studio Naenna.
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Studio Naenna was founded in 1985 to represent the local weavers in the international market. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality and exclusive designs following Fair Trade Ethics. Studio Naenna continues to support the Weavers For the Environment and their beautiful creations, which include exquisite clothing for men and women, shawls, wall murals and accessories created from hand woven cotton and silk.

You may experience these textiles at our main gallery:

Studio Naenna Textiles Gallery
138/8 Soi Chang Khian, Huay Keow Rd.
Chiang Mai

and at our city branch:

Adorn with Studio Naenna
22 Soi 1 Nimmanhaeminida Road
Chiang Mai

For further information please contact Lamorna, Patricia's daughter, at 0-5322-6042.

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